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Colorado is the state known for some of the best motorcycle roads in the country. From the Black Canyon Run to the San Juan Skyway, this state’s picturesque and diverse scenery draws motorcycle enthusiasts from all around the country.

Whether you’re an experienced biker or a first-timer, having fun with safety and responsibility is what it’s all about. And being responsible includes finding the right insurance for your bike.

Motorcycle insurance is a way of sharing the risks of riding between you and your insurance company. The way it works is simple. You pay a set premium to an insurance company for coverage. In return, the company promises to pay for specific financial losses that might occur during the term of the policy.

Finding the Right Motorcycle Insurance Policy

Of course, you can’t just take your beloved motorcycle on the road without securing the right motorcycle insurance policy that will cover every possible mishap. Most people rely on motorcycle insurance to protect themselves against loss in case of an accident. In many states, you must carry basic insurance to cover the cost of losses you cause to others in an accident. If the unexpected happens, insurance gives you peace of mind in knowing you are protected.

When you lookout for the best and most affordable insurance coverage for your motorcycles in Colorado, Yampa Valley Insurance Agency is at your service. With us, you can choose from a number of motorcycle policy options to meet your needs.

What does a standard motorcycle insurance policy covers?

Motorcycle insurance is no different than car insurance. In Colorado, bikers are required to have liability coverage first. However, all other coverage plans are optional. You can expect a typical Colorado or Steamboat Springs motorcycle insurance policy to provide with the following coverage:

Liability coverage

This is the type of coverage that is required as a must. It is designed to cover all third-party injuries and property damage if you prove to be responsible for an accident while out on your bike.

Collision coverage

This is the bike insurance designed to cover for the damage caused to your motorcycle by a collision or accident, regardless of fault.  You can purchase replacement value or actual value coverage to your bike in the case of a total loss.

Comprehensive insurance

Many times, motorcycles get damaged in non-collision events like flood or tornado, comprehensive insurance covers for such type of incidents. If your bike gets stolen, it can also compensate for that loss. Similar to collision insurance, you can purchase either the actual value or replacement value coverage.

Personal injury protection coverage

This type of coverage is designed to take care of the medical treatment of the biker and the passenger if they get injured in a motorcycle accident.

Accessory coverage

Biking enthusiasts have many accessories and equipment customized to their motorcycles. If you are one of those bikers, this insurance policy is for you. It can also add to your bike’s assessed value if it is deemed a complete loss due to any sort of incident or damage.

Uninsured motorist coverage

If an uninsured driver or biker hits your motorcycle while you are out on the road, uninsured motorist coverage can cover your damage and medical treatment without needing you to sue the at-fault driver. Your insurance company will take on the burden of collecting from the uninsured driver instead.

Towing and roadside assistance coverage

If your motorcycle gets damaged while out on the road, you don’t have to worry about the cost of mechanical or towing assistance if you have this optional coverage.

Your local Yampa Valley Insurance agent can further help you with the coverage options in Craig, Silverthorne, Steamboat Springs, and Colorado. You can get the quotes of your desired policy and see how much it will cost you to add each coverage type to your insurance plan.

Why work with Yampa Valley Insurance Agency?

Yampa Valley Insurance Agency is price-conscious but value-driven. Our best attitude and best efforts come along with our best insurance solutions in a package. At Yampa Valley Insurance, our insurance agents provide you with the specific insurance policy you are looking for at the most market competitive prices.

Yampa Valley Insurance Agency offers free, comparative quotes on Motorcycle Insurance from multiple insurance carriers so you can get the best possible rate.

Want to see how much we can save you? Just request a quote to find out.